While the lead times vary by product, the shipping times are one week for domestic orders and two weeks for international orders.

The shipping rate for purchase of only Membrane Products within the Contiguous United States is $13.61. The shipping rate purchases including Microclimate Control Products depends on your location. A sales representative will provide you with the price after you make your purchase If any product is shipped outside of the Contiguous United States, a custom shipping rate will be provided by a sales representative. Custom shipping rates can be provided for bulk or rush orders as well – please contact our sales staff for a quote.

All XERGY products are air shipped. For other shipping options please contact our sales staff at (302)-629-5768 (ext. 1009).

All membrane products are shipped in a resealable bag, in a UPS express box. All microclimate products are shipped in a box. Its dimensions are about 7.5” x 6” x 5.5”.